Me GLC and Cons in Vegas!

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The show was crazy! More pics to come!

Backstage Footage @ Glow in the Dark featuring Me

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[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/48376&embedId=10135599] Props to my G.O.O.D homie Consequence!


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I went back to the studio to make “Plastic” sound better. Plastic is the first single off my debut album, First Impression. Below are the Original, Accapella, and Instrumental Versions. Download the Original, Accapella, and Instrumental below.





Me & Nas @ Premiere

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Me and Nas performing We Major off of KanYe’s sophmore album Late Registration. Show was crazy!

Pics from Day of “Homecoming” Video Shoot

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Footage of Me @ House of Blues Chicago

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Me Freestylin

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Me in the studio with kanYe and Common.

Footage of Me in the Studio

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Me recording my soon to be hit single “Plastic” @ Hinge Studios. The video feat. Kanye should be dropping soon.

Really Doe Interview

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G.O.O.D Music Info’s Mr. K had the opportunity to sit down with the Chicago emcee to talk about his upcoming album, how he got where he is , and about the enduring relationship with Kanye West.

Mr. K: I’m going to get into the question everyone wants asked, when is the first album coming out?

Really Doe: Well later this year I’m dropping my album, First Impression.

Mr. K: What was the delay with the album?

Really Doe: It was due to ‘Ye dropping Graduation and if I dropped my album it would conflict with the album placement of the rest of the G.O.O.D Music Artists.

Mr. K: As far as guests for the album, who are you going to have on there?

Really Doe: Of course I’ll have ‘Ye, Consequence, GLC, and Common. I have a track that I’m trying to get Andre 3000 and a track with Jennifer Hudson.

Mr. K: I’ve heard your new single “Plastic” on your MySpace page, are you in the process of making a video for it?

Really Doe: The video is in the production but we’re basically mastering it right now to give it the full effect.

Mr. K: I also heard you feature on “Disperse”, a really hot track, how about a video for that?

Really Doe: Actually the video was supposed to be shot in February, but I’ll have to contact Consequence to see when we’re gonna get into that.

Mr. K: Coming out of Chicago, you seem to have this really close relationship with Kanye West, but you seem to come from two different places. How did you grow up and how did people from two different environments hook up?

Really Doe: Um, well I actually met ‘Ye through my homie GLC when I was a teenager, around like 16. We were chillin and were like “yo we actually have a lot in common”. We liked the same things, girls, music, and what not. It’s been about 12 years since.

Mr. K: What are your thoughts on the state of the Chicago hip-hop scene?

Really Doe: Chicago has a lot of talent but not really any major outlets like New York, or L.A, but we definitely have a lot of the top artists here like Common, ‘Ye, and Lupe.

Mr. K: What other projects are you working on?

Really Doe: Well I’m working on my album First Impressions, got the mixtape with Clinton Sparks, shows, just did an interview with URB Magazine. Not to mention getting ready for the Glow in the Dark Tour which starts in April.

Mr. K: How are you going to stand out from the rest of the G.O.O.D record label artists?

Really Doe: Well I’m my own person; all the G.O.O.D Music artists are completely different from each other which is what makes the label so good. I’m more of like a street rapper, like the Jay-Z of G.O.O.D Music to be honest, (laughs), like even the fans feel so. I’m still getting props off that “We Major” hook from like 3 years ago on Late Registration.

Mr. K: Who were your biggest hip-hop influences growing up?

Really Doe: I was into NWA, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Jay-Z, and even Luke because I love entertainment, Gang Star, Outkast, and everyone else who was making good sounding music.

Mr. K: What is the meaning behind your name?

Really Doe: My homie, GLC gave me my name. Me and him grew up in Southside Chicago on 87th St. I would just chill with dudes that basically did the same things as me and the name juts came with it.

Mr. K: What kind of qualities do you have that help you in your rap career now?

Really Doe: I just relate to every person, the working man, hustler, stripper, and Christian. A lot of cats not doing that right now. Cats aint makin timeless albums. I want my album to drop and people listening like 3 years later bumpin my shit like it came out the day before.

Mr. K: What kind of record do fans need to expect? Is it storytelling type of album or more just ripping the mic?

Really Doe: It’s going to be a mixture of rippin the mic and storytelling. I feel like an album has to be well balanced. Its like pool, you gotta hit the balls in all 6 pockets. Songs like “Magnetic Power” featuring Jennifer Hudson is something that women could love because it could really make them feel uplifted.

Mr. K: At the end of the day, who do you want to be compared to?

Really Doe: Only the best, I want when you say greatness that Really Doe comes to mind. Great artists like Jay-Z, Nas, and Kanye; I wanna be in that category.

Mr. K: Anything you have to say to the G.O.O.D Music Info Readers?

Really Doe: I most definitely want to say thanks a lot for all of the support. I got my mixtape with Clinton Sparks coming out in April, so go out and get that! The album, First Impression should be out later this year. It will definitely be a classic; I won’t let the fans down. Also check out my MySpace page. Really Doe’s page.